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Headshot Day

Quality professional headshots are key to attracting connections, building trust, and driving business growth.

Limited Spots: Only 4 Openings Available!

Dora Liu

"I never thought I could look this way"

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Photography is about lighting and composition, but a headshot that captivates people to do business with you goes beyond photography. It encompasses the art of bringing out your best self through body language, expression, and attention to detail.


All day event back-to-back session

DATE: September 24, 2023
Where: Eagles Team Building Location
Duration: 45 minutes/session + hair&makeup

Only 4 spots left


Save over 50%, get $450 off only for this event
Use Code: Eagles375 at checkout
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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Unlock the Investment Guide

My approach is holistic, combining photography with the aim of presenting the most authentic and confident version of yourself. A customized and personalized headshot session in my studio starts at a regular $825, which includes the session, hair and make-up, and two images. However, by participating in a headshot marathon, you can take advantage of cost savings. Only for this event, your investment starts at $375 if you use code: Eagles375 at checkout. Save over 50%, get $450 off. only at this event. It includes: Complimentary professional hair and makeup Up to 2 to 3 looks within 45 mins session Two retouched images delivered in digital form 25 images to choose from Additional image purchase is optional

Did you know that well-crafted personal branding images can make your friends stop scrolling on social media and pay attention?

Since people are naturally curious, they stop and check you out when they see something out of the usual. You can use this to your advantage.

It gives you the opportunity to engage with your friends and educate them about your offerings through concise captions. By doing this at least once a week, you're effectively spreading awareness. This not only nurtures your relationships but also helps to broaden their perspectives. Think about it—how do our minds change about a product we initially didn't care for? Isn't it through constant exposure and advertising? Remember, you are your best advertisement.

The next challenge lies in crafting the perfect caption to accompany your posts. Don't worry; I can assist you with the scripting that will best represent you.

Truly leverage social media—you'll be amazed at what it can do for your business. No kidding!


 "I helped hundreds of students get into their best-fit colleges."

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