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A Guide to the Best Session for You

At Colina Portrait, we understand that every client is different and every moment is unique. 


That's why we're excited to offer you three amazing types of sessions to choose from.


No matter the occasion – family portraits, personal branding, engagement pictures, couple shots, children's photography, or any other special moment – we've got you covered! 

Choose the session that works best for you!
Quick, Quality, and Budget-Friendly
Session fee: $147
10 minutes

Mini Session Marathon

  • Save over 70%. Enjoy the savings passed on to our clients. 

  • Pre-planned, pre-designed, and pre-scheduled. All you have to do is show up!

  • All-day back-to-back schedule.

  • Enjoy a quick "in and out" session

  • No compromising on quality.

  • This is an occasional Event only. 

  • One date is available now for October only

Full Custom Session

  • Dive deep with multiple outfit changes, exclusive concepts, and personalized schedules.

  • Enjoy a relaxed and fully guided experience.

  • Choose from in-home studio sessions, picturesque outdoor locations, unique locales, or even request travel to find the perfect backdrop for your story. 

A Deeper Dive into Your Family's Story
Session fee starts at $825
Manifesting Your Vision into
Artistic Excellence
Session fee starting at $1500

Creative Session

  • Bring unique projects and concepts to life

  • Extensive planning, preparation, material sourcing, and conceptualization.

  • Showcasing maximum skills and talent,

  • Enjoy a session that is both generously and meticulously crafted.


Investment Guide


Why Our Pricing Model Differs: We've developed a pricing model that lets us approach each session with love, passion, unparalleled creativity, and exceptional customer service. Unlike many photographers who charge by the click, we rely on a sustainable business model. This ensures attention at every stage and guarantees the longevity of our service. We factor in various elements such as our years of experience, equipment, business operations, overhead, continuing education and training, protection, and so much more. 

The Value of a Family Portrait:

Masterful Craftsmanship: Every portrait captures the culmination of years of mastery in the art of portraiture. Dive deep into the essence of your family with our experienced crew. 

End-to-End Experience: From our first meeting to the final product, every step is meticulously planned and executed. It’s a labor of love.

Impact Beyond the Frame: Your family's legacy will serve as an inspiration for others to treasure the unbreakable bonds of family. 

The heart, expertise, and dedication behind it. 

Session Fee:

In order to cater to clients with varying budgets, we offer session fees that range from $147 to $1500, with different settings available.

Private Reveal and
Ordering Session: 

Experience the grand unveiling of your portraits in a personal, intimate setting. This dedicated session lets you view and select your favorites, ensuring your final order aligns perfectly with your vision. The amount you invest is entirely up to you. 

Image Collections: 

For clients who opt for our full sessions, we present a curated choice of four distinct collections. This system offers flexibility, ensuring you invest exclusively in the images that touch your heart and reflect your vision. Collection stats at $1500. Individual images start at $275.
(Mini-session price vary. Refer to booking page)

Pressure-Free Consultation:

Your peace of mind is paramount to us. Our consultations are relaxed, informative, and devoid of any sales pressure. It's an opportunity for collaboration, to mold your vision into reality.

Investment Range:

We recognize the individuality of each client, both in terms of vision and budget. While some clients choose to invest a modest $250, others delve into a more expansive collection, investing up to $20,000. The beauty of our approach is its adaptability; you invest in what you treasure. 

Customized Experience: 

My ethos centers on inclusivity, aiming to offer packages that resonate with everyone. In our consultation, we'll delve into your preferences and requirements, crafting a package that aligns seamlessly with your aspirations. 

Embarking on a session with us is not merely about capturing images; it's an immersive experience meticulously designed to etch your cherished moments into timeless art. Below is an outline of the investment you can anticipate.

Never forget, the essence of a portrait isn't just in the image itself, but in the irreplaceable memories it immortalizes. Our mission is to ensure those memories are captured with perfection. 

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