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Love & Legacy Portraits:
Capture Years of Marital Journey

Join the Campaign that Model Enduring Love Stories for Generations


Your Story

Be a Beacon

of Hope


Why Settle for a Snapshot?

Own Your Legacy Now


The Process: How it Works


In a single moment, your participation in this project can become a timeless testament to love, connection, and transformation. By embracing this opportunity, you not only gift yourself with a cherished legacy but also contribute to a narrative that transcends generations, offering invaluable lessons to the young and inspiring them to navigate the complexities of life with grace.



Once you've paid a booking fee, we will arrange your photoshoot date and schedule a meeting for consultation, concept design, and styling. During this session, we'll have the opportunity to get to know you better, delve into your unique story, and help me better understand you to prepare for the podcast interview. I'll be available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with an overview of the entire interview and photoshoot process.

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Experience our all-inclusive photoshoot, complete with professional hair and makeup, captivating behind-the-scenes footage, and an insightful interview. It's a comprehensive journey that captures your unique story and essence.


Exclusive Interview

Imagine your grandchild or someone you love navigating life's challenges, listening to your interview, and hearing your voice as if you are right there beside them, sharing your wisdom and experiences. How will this transform their lives? What will they feel about you? The interview will be posted on the YBN podcast.


Gallery Exhibition

Envision your chosen portrait displayed in a museum-quality framed canvas in an inspiring gallery exhibition, a symbol of the enduring values and enduring love that will echo through the generations of your family.

Every category will end in a gallery exhibition.

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Is this experience for you?

  • Have You Been Married for 25, 40, or Even 60+ Years? 

  • Is Your Love a Beacon of Resilience and Commitment? 

  • Do You Share a Treasury of Memories and Wisdom?

Love & Legacy aims to document, celebrate, and immortalize 20 incredible couples with a story that needs to be told.

What You Receive for Participating

Embrace the best way to cherish this unparalleled experience...

But this is not just about what you receive; it's about the profound impact you leave. Your legacy becomes a guiding light, showing them the way towards fulfilling relationships and a brighter future.

It’s Not About Vanity; It's About a Lasting Legacy

  • Be the Ray of Hope: In a world questioning the concept of 'forever,' your enduring love story serves as the inspiration we all need.

  • A Gift for Generations: Leave behind not just memories, but a tangible legacy of love for your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

  • Make a Social Statement: Contribute to a greater conversation about love and commitment. Your love story, integrated into a beautiful mosaic of images and words, will inspire for years to come.

The Real Investment:
Beyond Price Tags

  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Your story deserves the best; we bring together a top-notch creative crew to craft your story in its most stunning form. Each portrait is the result of years of experience and mastery over the art of portraiture.

  • End-to-End Experience: From pre-session consultations and carefully curated session to expert post-production and the crafting of museum-quality canvases, every step is a labor of love.

  • Educational & Social Impact: Beyond the frames and publications, your story serves a larger purpose. It will educate, inspire, and set an example.

Download the Full Investment Guide

Trust in the Magic We’ll Create: Your story isn't just for you; it's a roadmap for those navigating the complexities of love.

•    Not Photogenic? That's not our focus. What matters is your trust in the power of our lens to capture your story's depth and our ability to create magical portraits for you. 
•    It’s time society recognizes and learns from couples who've weathered life's many storms together like you.
•    Timeless love knows no age. This experience celebrates the beauty and resilience of couples who’ve spent a lifetime together.

Our Clients Say

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