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Updated: Jul 14, 2023


Self-Discovery and Empowered Creativity

Gracie, a 26-year-old product designer at Braze, finds joy in repurposing discarded items into useful objects. She collects sustainable craft materials in New York City, using them to create cozy items for her apartment and thoughtful gifts. Gracie's journey of self-discovery has allowed her to embrace her own potential and break free from societal expectations, finding fulfillment in pursuing her passions.

In her early twenties, she appreciates the present and values her youth. Supported by her parents and close friends, she is unstoppable in her pursuit of making a positive impact. Her empathetic nature and personal struggles have shaped her into a resilient and supportive individual. With persistence and vulnerability, Gracie believes in the possibility of positive change. Excited about the future, she looks forward to the transformative experiences it may bring. Discover inspiration through her empowering podcast.

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