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Updated: Jul 14, 2023

"Hey everyone, I just had an incredible conversation with Jing Hong and her daughter Fan Fan on the You are Beautiful Now Podcast and Magazine. We talked about what makes them unstoppable, embracing imperfections, and prioritizing self-care. Jing Hong shared her journey of learning English and becoming a successful software engineer, while Fan Fan inspired us with her dedication to pursuing her PhD in languages and literature. We also discussed the importance of nurturing relationships and empowering women to embrace their inner beauty. Check out the full episode on the You are Beautiful Now Podcast and Magazine. Trust me, you don't want to miss this!"


Inspiring Path to Success

Jinghong, hailing from Wenzhou, China, has had a diverse career as a software engineer, trainer, and financial services professional for over a decade. She finds immense joy in dance, particularly ballet, as well as exploring new destinations through travel and has reached 61 countries and counting. Writing is also a cherished passion of hers, allowing her to express herself and create stories for herself, her family, and her loved ones. Her love for life and people is palpable, making every day in this beautiful world count.

Growing up with ambitious and optimistic parents—a doctor father and college professor mother—Jinghong developed a thirst for knowledge and a desire to constantly learn new things. After 30 years since her arrival in the United States, she acknowledges America values ambition and desires. This mindset has inspired her to dream big and reach for the skies, nurturing her passions and embracing a life full of love, experiences, and storytelling. You're invited to be a part of an empowering experience as we delve into her incredible journey on her podcast—prepare to be inspired and motivated.

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