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Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Hi everyone! I just hosted an amazing episode on my podcast featuring Camille Duus, an inspiring participant in the Unstoppable Asian American Women Project. Camille shared her incredible journey of love and sacrifice, including the challenges she's faced as an Asian American immigrant in the US. From a long-distance relationship turned marriage to supporting her partner through stage four stomach cancer, Camille's story of resilience is truly inspiring. She highlights the power of trust and prayer, and the importance of valuing yourself and your worth in relationships. Tune in to my podcast to hear more about Camille's journey and be inspired to overcome any obstacles life may throw your way. #Entrepreneur#Podcast#Inspiration#Resilience#AsianAmericanWomen#Love#Sacrifice#OvercomingChallenges#SelfWorth#Relationships#UnstoppableWomen.

Camille From Loss to Triumph

Camille Duus's journey is a remarkable testament to resilience and unwavering commitment. Six years ago, just two weeks after arriving in the US, she received the devastating news of her future husband's cancer diagnosis. Despite this challenging revelation, Camille and her partner decided to proceed with their wedding. Camille embarked on a challenging journey when she married her first husband, only to have him tragically pass away after just three months. In a foreign country, where she was meant to find support, Camille found herself taking on the role of a caregiver without any prior knowledge of how to care for a cancer patient.

This profound loss tested her strength and resolve in unimaginable ways. Yet, through the depths of her grief, Camille found the courage to continue her journey, drawing strength from her faith and the support of loved ones. Today, Camille has found love once again and embraces the role of a wife with joy and gratitude. Her experiences have shaped her understanding of self-worth and the importance of not settling for anything less than she deserves. Listen to her podcast and be inspired.

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