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Updated: Jul 14, 2023


A Journey to Friendship and Fulfillment

Tina's journey in the United States began in 2005, filled with challenges that tested her ability to build strong relationships and trust others. Despite unpleasant experiences, she persevered and found true friendships within the communities she became a part of, such as Couples for Christ and her close-knit group of friends. These connections played a significant role in her successful journey of raising her children.

Supported by a strong partnership with her husband, Tina not only fulfilled her dreams but also discovered new passions. She ventured into photography and pursued a career in the financial industry. The realization that her children see her as someone who follows her passions and loves what she does brought her immense joy. Tina's story serves as a testament to the power of patience, and the pursuit of happiness in finding fulfillment and joy in one's life's work.

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