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Updated: Jun 23, 2023

A first-generation Asian American Woman. The founder of the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Atlanta chapter, former Financial Planning Manager of Southern Company, and a wonderful mentor to so many Asians gave us some great and wonderful personal development tips during this YBN podcast interview in order to live in the beauty of our dreams, help us achieve our goals in any fields that we are in and influence the world with our inner beauty.


Empowering Rise Against the Odds.

From immigrating to the United States as a teenager with a language barrier, no friends, and little understanding of American culture, Jacky faced immense challenges in her journey to success. Left to navigate her new life alone after her parents returned to their home country, Jacky credits her belief in herself and the invaluable guidance from mentors as key factors in her resilience and determination. As a result, she is passionate about giving back to society by mentoring others who are struggling to find their footing.

Despite the challenges she faced in a male-dominated energy industry at the Southern Company, Jacky persevered, eventually becoming the only Asian woman with a voice in the organization. After retiring early due to family reasons, she channeled her experiences into founding the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women of Atlanta, an organization dedicated to empowering women to recognize their inner beauty and value.

In our podcast interview, listen to Jackie share her life experiences, her strategies for rising to the top, and how she discovered her inner beauty as an Asian woman in a world of challenges.

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