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Updated: Aug 18, 2023


As a Montessori teacher for 15 years, Ting was inspired to take action when she saw the gap in financial education among individuals and families while helping a friend navigate the financial challenges of losing her husband. Despite initially struggling to pass her license exam, Ting persevered, learning from her experiences, and ultimately succeeded on her sixth attempt. With English as her third language, Ting faced additional challenges like language barriers and discrimination. However, she remained dedicated to radiating her inner beauty and working hard to earn people's trust and respect. Encouraged by great mentors, Ting never let her challenges define her.

Now, as a multiple award-winning financial educator and mentor, Ting is on a mission to help over 30 million families by 2030 through her financial literacy campaign. She views her financial education business as a ministry to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

Listen to Ting Chiu's story on our podcast episode, where she shares her journey as an Asian woman overcoming the "not good enough" mindset and pushing herself to succeed. From being a teacher with zero knowledge in finance to becoming a financial educator and hero to many families, Ting's inspiring story is not to be missed.


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