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Updated: Jun 24, 2023

"Hey everyone, it's time to embrace our true selves! In this YBNInterview07_Serena Hung episode of You are Beautiful Now Podcast and Magazine, we got some amazing insights. Serena shared her struggle to make friends and embrace her identity as a Taiwanese American. We learned how positive self-talk, embracing our uniqueness, and finding the right community can change our lives. Our speaker also shared her journey towards self-acceptance through a photo shoot, reminding us that embracing our authentic selves can lead to fearlessness and impact. Join us in this beautiful journey of self-love and self-discovery. Don't forget to listen to this insightful episode!


A Journey of Self-Discovery

Serena's life journey is defined by embracing her identity, overcoming insecurities, and making a positive impact. Despite a fear of public speaking, she feels called to be a speaker and hopes to help families and adolescents as a family and marriage therapist. She emphasizes the power of positive self-talk and authentic self-acceptance. She shares her challenges with identity and societal biases faced by Asian American women, encouraging others to acknowledge imperfections and strive for positive change. Her story inspires the embrace of individuality and the importance of meaningful connections.

In Serena's pursuit of personal growth, she navigates frequent relocations, cultural adjustments, and God's guiding hand. Pushed beyond her comfort zone, she steps into the spotlight to impact lives. Her inspiring journey teaches the value of embracing one's true self, leading to a brighter smile, bolder actions, and profound connections with others. Her story invites us to appreciate the beauty of identity and the significance of cultural diversity in shaping our lives. Unlock a world of inspiration and personal growth as you listen to her captivating podcast interview, revealing the remarkable path she took to empowerment.

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